Song of Israel

There is another who sings the song of his people… and he attaches himself with a gentle love to the whole community of Israel. Together with her he sings her songs.

“A nation is not the highest happiness for a human being”…
Nationalism is the ultimate form for humanity…
“This can be said about a regular nation that does not rise above the level of a mutual responsibility pact…” Most countries are a shared insurance company and offer little else.
He continues and explains “this is not true with a nation that has ideals at its foundations, a nation in which the highest ideals are stamped into its very being… A nation such as this offers great happiness to the individual. This nation is our nation, Medinat Israel-The State of Israel, the foundation of G-d’s Throne in the world, whose entire desire is that ‘G-d will be One and His Name will be One’ (Zecharia 14:9)”.

The Settlement in Israel will develop; the national home will be built. Out of it will blow a mighty spirit. The soul of the nation will be reawakened. From the depth of its nature, it will recognize its essence. With mighty strength, it will establish its life-patterns: the special spirit of the nation will establish the faith of the Lord, God of Israel in the world, and it goes without saying, within her own midst…the inner power will break forth as a volcano and Israelite life, by both inner necessity and free consciousness, will assume its authentic form. That natural form will bring the Great Return; the return of love without materialist faltering; an inner return flowing from the depth of truth that is in the luminous life of the soul. One need not be pained at all on account of the gushing streams of the natural national spirit; even the mistakes made along the way, in the end will contribute to building and repairing.

Orot-Lights of Renewal-Ch. 31 (written in Yaffo. 1912-1914)

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