Rebirth of a Nation

Just in time for a time like this,
when the rebirth of the Nation [of Israel] is awakening
and becoming actualized in colorfully diverse ways every day;
and when the whole entire Earth is quaking in a tumultuous war
whose hidden overall objective is certainly,
although only God knows the true meanings [of each and every event],
to inaugurate the restructuring of the world with [consciousness of ] God’s Kingship
through the return of the Jewish People to their stronghold
to become a proper nation, and an exalted one,
crowned with all its powers and special qualities;
for through this [return] the bright white light will shine forth,
the divine light,
which will become visible in all modes of life:
in the life of every living thing,
and in all the organizing systems of the inhabited Earth;
in the regimes of nations,
and in the spiritual process of humanity in general;
the hosts of heavens, too, are recovering from the dark calamities of the [Temple’s] destruction,
and the bonds restraining the Shechina in her abysmal exile are becoming looser.
The chains shackling the Messiah’s legs are shattering:
they are coming apart [and disintegrating into nothing] like tow near a fire,
like fine strands of flax passing between blazing flames.

Despite the fact that [both] the national rebirth in Israel
and the signs of the spiritual renaissance of humanity in general
are visible only in their external, physical aspects,
these [physical aspects] themselves are the messengers announcing the joyous news
that the spiritual structure,
and the light of the higher soul in all her sequential stages,
is [also] getting built,
and the light of heavenly deliverance is becoming [more and more] visible,

The time has come for every thinker of thoughts,
everyone who wonders,
everyone who interprets meaning,
and everyone in whom the spirit of God stirs,
to move himself towards desire for the experience of Ruach HaKodesh/Spirit of Holiness,
which enters [a person] and floods [him]
through engagement with the secrets of Torah at a proper depth,
with freedom of spirit,
with insight and with blessing,
with contemplation of greatness,
and with service that has been purified, become powerful, and aimed high.
And this heightening of holiness is revealed to especially sensitized individuals.
And anyone who, because of his personal makeup,
sees in some aspect of his own spirit any sign
-even faint one-
of this joyous news of emergent holiness,
must work up his courage to tune in on the secret murmurings on high,
to rise above the spiritual thinking of the human mind, which is limited and crude,
and to come for a stroll into spaciousness:
into gardenbeds planted with the sweet smelling spices of the highest holiness,
which are constantly perfumed by a radiant breeze fragrant with hidden holy things
and the scent of the goodness of the Messiah of the God of Jacob.

“Tend your ear and come unto me;
listen, and your soul will come to life.” (Is. 55:3)

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