Thoughts on Nationalism

“The world order that is now toppling due to the awesome storms of a sword covered with blood demands the construction of the Israelite nation. The building of the nation and the discovery of its spirit are one concept, linked to the building of the world.” -Rav Kook, TZ’L (‘HaMilchama/The War’ Chapter 9, written during WW1)

“In matters of war, it is impossible that Israel is the only one not fighting at the time when all her neighbors are truly voracious wolves, If so, they would gather against her and destroy all her remnants.

She must  [if necessary] act cruelly in order to frighten the ‘wild ones’. While we must envision guiding humankind to where she must ultimately be, we cannot deny the needs of the hour.” (Letters 1:100)

“The building of the world, which is currently crumbling in the wake of the horrible storms of  bloodied swords, requires the rebuilding of the Israelite nation…World culture is toppling, human spirit is weakening, darknesses are covering all the nations. “Darkness will cover the earth, and a thick cloud (covers) the nations.” Isaiah, 60:2)  The hour has arrived for the light of the world, the light of the God of Israel to be revealed by  His people…All the cultures of the world will be renewed  through  our spiritual renewal,…all the faiths will wear new clothing, they will remove the soiled clothing upon them and dress in precious garments, they will abandon everything despoiled, impure and disgusting in their midst, as they reunite to suckle from the dews of the lights of holiness….the current destruction is preparation for a new revival, deep and essential. The light of the highest love-or chesed elyon-is sparkling. The Name of God-I Shall Be That Which I Will Be-Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh– (Exodus 3:14) is  becoming revealed.”(Orot-HaMilchama/The War, Ch. 9)

“The Israelites are blessed with the capacity to see the Divine Light that fills the entire creation. The Torah begins with the creation followed by the name of Elohim. For the entire creation speaks of the glory of the Creator and even when His Name is not mentioned it soon becomes clear that the Divine will be revealed afterwards.” -(Maamrei HaRayah-246)

“When we come to speak of Jerusalem…here the genius of Israel stands in all its splendor…the Soul of the Living Elokim is unfolding and growing within us-awakening us to renewal. The ‘announcer of Tzion’ standing on the high mountain. Speaking to the cities of Yehuda-here is your Elokim. [based on Isaiah 40:9)  This is the most faithful witness to the wholeness of the Living God Soul mysteriously inspiring our movement of national return…The word of God and the  stream of Light of the God of Israel  is revealed in all our movements, large and small…Behold it is standing before us…proclaiming loudly: “Make Jerusalem splendrous in the land, build Jerusalem!”  (Maamarei HaRayah:Yerushalayim-p.298)


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