Universal Harmony

“All our endeavors must be directed toward disclosing the ‘or hashalom haclali’ – the light of universal harmony, which derives not from suppressing any power, any thought, any tendency, but bringing each of them within the vast ocean of infinite light, where all things find their unity, where all is ennobled and exalted, all is hallowed.”
“We must liberate ourselves from confinement within our private concerns…This reduces us to the worst kind of smallness, and brings upon us endless physical and spiritual distress. It is necessary for us to raise our thought and will and our basic preoccupations toward universality, to the inclusion of all, to the whole world, to humankind, to the Jewish people, to all existence…The firmer our vision of universality, the greater joy we will experience and the more we will merit divine illumination.” (Orot HaKodesh- 3:147)

“The whole Torah, its moral teachings, commandments, good deeds and studies has as its objective to remove the roadblocks so that universal love should be able to spread, to extend to all realms of life.” (Midot HaRaya: Ahava-12)

“When love possessed people see the world, living creatures full of quarrels, hatred, persecution and conflicts, they yearn with all their being to share in those aspirations that move life toward wholeness and unity, peace and tranquility…They want that every particular shall be preserved and developed and that the collective whole shall be united and abounding in peace.” (Notebook 1:101, written 1904)

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